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Having a longer rig with a gas truck means I can't always drive in and out of gas stations with ease. Gas stations with RV Islands quickly became favorites because of their stress free nature. This site is meant to be a collection of stress free stops that can accommodate longish rigs with gas engines.

RV Gas milage tips

How to Save Money on Gasoline

If you’re asking how can you save gas money while driving, then there are two ways to go about it.  1. Look at reducing consumption ...

How do you manage extreme heat in an RV?

Once in TX it was around 114 degrees with no shade. Our outdoor thermometer attached to the RV read 124 degrees and then broke. We like to say it just gave up.
Here’s how we stayed cool.
Our AC’s but even then they couldn’t keep up with the heat and it was still unbearable in the RV even after the sun went down so much heat had been absorbed it couldn’t cool down properly by the time the sun rose again.
Opened our front awning to shade it on one said and bought extra house awning/shade cloth and attached as a shade on the other side. Still not enough to cool it down enough.
Installed garden misters on our roof with a timer so that when the sun came up they would mist our A/Cs with water helping the ACs to stay cool and cool down the RV better. Now, it became somewhat bearable.
Didn’t really cook so as not to heat up the RV
Since this experience when we resealed and cleaned our roof instead of resealing we applied a white silicon paint that both resealed the roof and offered a layer of thermal protection to the RV roof and the bright white helps reflect the sun. It’s also mildew resistant and cleaning the roof is much easier now. We noticed a difference in how hot the RV gets in summer now. It took a little over 5 gallons to cover the entire 40 feet length of our RV. The name of it is (If you’re interested) “Henry Tropicool Roof Coat”

Finding RV friendly gas station and RV Islands tips