Having a longer rig with a gas truck means I can't always drive in and out of gas stations with ease. Gas stations with RV Islands quickly became favorites because of their stress free nature. This site is meant to be a collection of stress free stops that can accommodate longish rigs with gas engines.


Know of any good stops? Next time you're on a trip take a picture and email the details so I can add it to the site. rvislands@gmail.com or leave me a comment in the box to the right hand side.

Please, tell everyone you know with a RV about this site.The more users we have adding locations the better the site will be for everyone.


Avoid Atlanta but even if you take 285 during non-rush hour there is wall to wall traffic. See I-20 for stops to avoid Atlanta and getting back onto I-75 later.

About the signage on I-75 to 28, by the time you can see the sign you may not be able to get over into the lane you need.

Before you get to Atlanta on I-75 to take the 285 bypass you're going to be in one of the three right lanes after you get on to 285 then to go west be in the two left lanes to go east go in the two right lanes.