Having a longer rig with a gas truck means I can't always drive in and out of gas stations with ease. Gas stations with RV Islands quickly became favorites because of their stress free nature. This site is meant to be a collection of stress free stops that can accommodate longish rigs with gas engines.


Know of any good stops? Next time you're on a trip take a picture and email the details so I can add it to the site. rvislands@gmail.com or leave me a comment in the box to the right hand side.

Please, tell everyone you know with a RV about this site.The more users we have adding locations the better the site will be for everyone.

How I keep track of where we are / RV Decor / Good to have in an Emergency

Traveling for a while I quickly realized that it would be a good idea to be able to know at a moment's notice exactly where I was.

I imagined calling 911 only to not know (under pressure) my exact address or where I put the RV park's receipt to find it! When seconds count, I don't want to be searching for our current address.

                I also needed something to hang as decor in this area of my living room/kitchen.

Thus the ever changing address chalk board was born. These are just a few dollars and the peace of mind they give me has been worth every penny.

I update them every time we move and now when I need to order something on Amazon, or give my address to order pizza, or put it in Google maps to find out where the closest Walmart is I have it close at hand.

To get the letters to be dark enough to be able to see them across the room I use chalk board marker.

I hung them with command hooks and also use a second one for motivational sayings, but have been toying with using it to indicate if the grey tanks are open or closed, as I could put open on one side and closed on the other and just flip the sign when things change.

Sorry about the reversed pictures (if anyone knows how to fix this, I am all ears...)